​Saturday, October 27 at The FairBridge Inn-East Hanover, NJ - 11:00AM - 7:00PM, After-Party Starts @ 7:30PM

Supergirl Smiles is a self-taught cosplay artist and costume maker, specializing in the comic and pop culture genre. She recently launched her own line of upcycled clothing and geeky accessories for all ages. She has appeared as a guest at a dozen conventions along the east coast over the last two years.
As a full-time high school math teacher, she was invited to serve as a speaker on a panel at New York Comic Con 2016, where she shared strategies on using comics in the classroom. She has also been featured in both online and print media, served as a judge for cosplay contests, and has participated in multiple charity events.
​When she is not working at an event or helping her math students, she cosplays with her two kids, who share her love of crafting and superheroes. She enjoys collaborating with people in the industry and is always willing to share her knowledge with interested comic fans and other cosplayers. 

Legion of Super Villains  Cosplay Group was founded in October 2014 as a place for super villains and anti-heroes to thrive. Their goal is to create a group where they can support other Super Villains in their quest of villainy and have fun doing it.

Throughout LSV's relatively short existence, they have grown to about 100 members across the United States, and have attended large conventions, local comic store events, and public library functions. They have also done charity events as well - Just because they're Super Villains, it doesn't mean they don't help the community.

Yuffie Bunny has worked as a professional model, clothing designer, and cosplay artist since 2002. Her cosplay work has received worldwide attention for its quality and attention to details, and has been featured in numerous photo shoots and at shows across the country. In addition to costume design and performance, Yuffie Bunny has used her numerous guest appearances to help educate and encourage aspiring cosplayers and costumers, and demonstrating how to transform an enthusiastic hobby into a self-sustaining artistic business. And her expertise in clothing design, her eye for detail, and her encouraging approach to critique have made her a welcome addition to the judging panel for numerous cosplay and costume contests.
In addition to modeling and cosplay work, Yuffie Bunny is an entrepreneur and self-employed artist. She is the founder and head designer of Head Kandi, an artisan clothing and accessories company especially known for its signature line of hair falls.

Eric Moran is Philadelphia native. The former United States Marine was also a professional wrestler for companies like Gorgeous Ladies of Outrageous Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, Cyberspace Wrestling, and Women's Extreme Wrestling. Eric has appeared on television shows including The Jenny Jones Show and Heavy Sedation. He is one the founders of Together Brothers Productions, an independent film production company based on the east coast. He's worked as film writer, director, producer, and actor with over ten independent films and web series like, The Deep End, Legacy, and Trek Isolation . In 2014, The Smoke became a household name in the world of cosplay when he hosted the Syfy channel's series, Heroes of Cosplay. His massive physique, cool demeanor, and confident style have led him to be included in projects highlighting in the world of comic books for Big City Comics Studios, DC Comics as Freight Train, and currently appearing in George Perez's, Sirens. The Smoke routinely visits school to inspire and motivate kids as well as participates in charity events such as The Peace Fund Games.

Dhareza Cosplayza is a Creative Director for an NYC based Marketing agency by day, and by night he is still a Creative Director working at the agency. But when he has spare time, the superhero tights come on. Dhareza has cosplayed for over 4 years and specializes in armor and props using eva foam, worbla and any other materials he can get his hands on. He was bitten by the cosplay bug after attending New York Comic Con with fellow cosplayer Becka Noel. It didn’t take long before the feel of an X-acto blade and a Heat Gun became normal.
Dhareza’s accomplishments in the cosplay circle has included multiple cosplay wins, including a 1st place win in Denver Comic Con, and finalist at New York Comic Con 2014 and 2015 - a major contest that had thousands in attendance and millions watched online. He has been featured in multiple online and physical publications, including Cosplay Culture Magazine, which printed a 4 page spread on his cosplay work. NBC, Mashable, and Gizmodo have highlighted Dhareza in multiple video segments; showcasing the rise in popularity of cosplay. He also enjoys hosting cosplay related panels which sees jam packed rooms in various conventions such as Katsucon and New York Comic Con. Dhareza also does commission based requests and has created over 50 cosplay armor and accessories for a growing number of clients. When not cosplaying, Dhareza is an avid photographer, who’s work has been published in various cosplay publications, such as iCosplay Magazine.

DC Cosplayers East is a group for DC Universe Cosplayers who are east coast based to network and get together. Although they welcome DC Cosplayers from anywhere! They provide information and discuss everything in the DC Universe and host many events for their members all year long.
This year at C3 they will also be hosting a cosplay repair station for anyone that needs a fix.

The Finest- A GI Joe Costume Club is a not-for-profit costuming group of fans relating to all aspects of the GI Joe franchise. They specialize in detailed, high-quality, costumes based on the main media formats of the GI franchise: Toys, Comic Books and TV shows.
As a not-for-profit group they carry out several charity events for various causes. Among these are participating in blood drives; donating their time to interact with children in need (such as with the CosLove community organization); and collecting donations for different organizations which are dedicated to helping our active duty soldiers, veterans and their families through our annual Girls of the Finest charity calendar, from which all proceeds (after costs are met) are donated. During 2015 they collected $9,600 in donations which were sent to the USO. During 2016, they chose K-9’s for Warriors and have successfully raised over $10,500. As a result of current and prior charity campaigns, They have raised over $30,000 for various charity organizations in the past 3 years.

Kay Victoria is a cosplayer/model based out of Central, New Jersey. She has been cosplaying for about 5 years now with her first big convention being New York Comic Con. Kay started cosplaying as a creative outlet with a background in art and makeup artistry. Her first costume ever was bits of clothing pieced together and then she learned how to sew herself so she can make her own costumes. Since then, Kay has made plenty of costumes and props ever since. She is continuing to improve and learn new things in costuming. Kay is most known for her vast range of Harley Quinn costumes and genderbends, but also creates armor-based costumes.

Raquor'daan Clan is the NJ Chapter of the Lucas Films Limited recognized Mandalorian MercsCostume Club.
The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club is dedicated to representing the Mandalorian culture and costumes within the STAR WARS™ universe. Through our international community, we aim to raise money for charities across the globe, including Little Warrior International, a charity founded and operated by the Mandalorian Mercs. Since our founding in 2007, the Mercs has become the elite Mandalorian costuming organization and our members have been in attendance at countless conventions, fund raisers, and parades around the world.
The core ideology of the Mandalorian Mercs is that our costumes are as unique and individual as the members who create and don the armor. The Mandalorian Mercs is an inclusive organization, placing a great deal of emphasis on camaraderie and the exchanging of collective costuming knowledge via the online community. Under this practice, the Mandalorian Mercs encourage all of our members to excel to the highest possible standard in STAR WARS™ costuming.

Becka Noel is an artist living in New York City. Hailing from Colorado, Becka loved the mountains, the snow, the animals, particularly horses, and her family, so it was a big decision to leave. However, Becka was eager to attend Pratt Institute where she studied drawing and painting, made great friends and ultimately chose designing and costume making as her focus. Becka has been cosplaying for almost five years and specializes in armor and props using worbla and any other materials she can get her hands on. Becka found her passion for Costuming and Cosplay after attending New York Comic Con in 2009. 
Recently, Becka partnered with McCalls Pattern Company to design three exclusive costume designs which will be available in 2016. She is completely self taught and is always working on improving her craft. Becka has organized several cosplay groups that have seen viral online reach, including the My Little Warrior Pony group and Valkyreevee group from Katsucon in 2014 and 2015.
During the last five years, Becka has been featured in numerous publications for her cosplay, including: Cosplay Culture Magazine, iCosplay Magazine, The New York Times, NBC, Business Insider, Otaku Magazine, Gizmodo, and many more. She has competed in multiple cosplay contests nationwide and placed 2nd in her category at the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in their inaugural year and co-hosted a cosplay panel at New York Comic Con and Katsucon in 2015 and 2016.
She also rung in the NYSE bell as part of a selected group of cosplayers for New York Comic Con in October of 2015.