Saturday, January 28th at The Hyatt Regency Hotel-Morristown, NJ - 9:30 AM - 7 PM, AFTER-PARTY Starts @ 8PM

Cosplayers Assemble 

​​Cosplay Collectible Con or C3 will be the premier event in New Jersey for cosplayers and fans of cosplay alike!  C3 will cover the entire spectrum of cosplay with its main focus on cosplay and the community that brings it to life.

Convention promoter Joe Viteri of the Comic Art Showcase and the Wayne Toy Show has teamed up with Dave O’Hare and Sal Zurzolo of the Garden State Comic Fest to bring you the first event of its kind in New Jersey.  Together we have over 20 years of convention success between us and have brought thousands of fans to our events and now we want to extend that same level of professionalism to a new kind of show.  But that is not all; Joe, Dave and Sal have assembled a special cosplay advisory team to supplement their considerable experience.